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TimeSharing Today began publishing in 1991. It was soon recognized as a trusted source for independent news and information about vacation ownership.

Timesharing has a unique place in the hospitality industry. There is no other segment of the industry that has simultaneously delivered a truly happy travel experience for owners and their families, while suffering a terrible reputation in the mainstream media. Since our inception, we have published hundreds of articles from owners who write about their positive experiences. Along with those upbeat commentaries, we have warned about scams that have stolen millions of dollars of owners with false promises of having a “buyer” who doesn’t exist. The media is filled with countless stories about timesharing being a rip-off and there has been an emergence of companies that charge high fees to help owners get out of their obligations.

Timeshare resorts are also complicated by the fact that they operate under condominium statutes and are governed by Owner Association Boards of Directors who are charged with the fiduciary responsibility of administering the affairs of the association under the rules and regulations of the governing documents and state statues.

It is critically important for owners to stay informed about how timeshare resorts are being governed. At the same time, many Board Members, Resort Managers and Industry Professionals rely on the diverse content provided through our various information channels, we welcome letters and articles from all of our members. You help keep our voice strong.

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Sincerely, Shep Altshuler Publisher