Win the 2019 Amazing Photos Contest!

In recent years our annual TimeSharing Today contest has focused on a specific topic.
For 2019, it’s AMAZING PHOTOS!

Our annual TimeSharing Today contest for 2019 focuses—literally—on the amazing images that you our readers create during your timeshare vacations. We define “amazing†as awesome, stunning, wondrous, or similarly superlative. The contest has two categories: images of the timeshare resorts where you stayed, and images of other things you saw and did while on timeshare vacations. You may enter one photo in each category. Before you choose what to send, please review our photo guidelines. With each photo, include a text of 250 to 500 words that explains what and where the photo is, and how and when it came to be taken.

For all photos, include the name and location of the resort where you stayed when you took  he image, and your name and the city and state (or other location) where you live.

Email photos and texts to [email protected], Subject: 2019 Amazing Photos. The deadline is December 31, 2019. The winner in each category will receive a $250 prize. The publisher and editor of TimeSharing Today will select the winning entries.

Photo Guidelines

Shoot photos at the highest possible resolution, 1 MB or more preferred, over 250 KB acceptable, any-thing less is problematic.

Send photos as jpg attachments, NOT pasted into the body of an email. Send full-size photos, NOT thumbnails.

Send multiple large images using a file-transfer service such as or Both are FREE and both can handle gazillions of large photos in a single transmission.

DO NOT send photos on paper. Send only images for which you can grant us one-time publication rights
without violating anyone’s copyright. Provide photo captions and credit
information in the digital article file or email body.