Massive Power Outage Impacts Outer Banks – State of Emergency Declared.

The Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, declared a State of Emergency and is urging authorities to work as quickly as possible to restore power to Hatteras Island in Dare County and Ocracoke Island in Hyde County.

The outages happened on July 27th, possibly due to construction being done on Bonner Bridge. The damage is to a transmission line that’s underwater, so officials are working to safely evaluate the damage. Until the damage is evaluated, officials cannot determine how long it will take to resort power to the affected areas.

Officials from Dare County and Hyde County orders a mandatory evacuation of all visitors from the affected areas. So far, the state government is reporting that about 3,782 people and 1,485 cars have been evacuated as of July 29th.

What to do if your power cuts out while on vacation.

If you ever experience something like this, make sure to contact your resort, exchange or rental company to keep updated about the situation.

Update yourself on what rights you have as a timeshare owner or vacation renter. For example, in North Carolina, you are entitled to a refund for the nights you couldn’t stay in your vacation rental, unless you were given the chance to purchase insurance. Keeping up to date on the laws in the state you’re vacationing in can help you in case disaster hits. Check with the State Attorney General’s office about your rights.

Read more about the situation: Governor’s call for repairs.

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By Kristina Payne August 3, 2017 24 Comments