Should you take a Vacation?

Americans are starting to have a weird relationship with vacation. There was recently a study done that showed that on average, we took 17.2 vacation days in 2017, which is up from 2016. However, there are other aspects of the study that is worrying, as over half of americans left vacation time unused.

The biggest factor in deciding not to take vacation days off because of how the employee will be perceived at work. Some feel that taking a vacation might make them seem less dedicated to their job, or that no one else could do their work as effectively as they do. The study says that 61% of workers feel this way.

The study also goes onto say that those who take vacations see more promotions and raises faster than other employees who leave time on the table, which raises more questions about company culture and atmosphere. If taking more vacation leads to better career advancement, then why do employees feel like vacationing will take away from their career?

It could be many things, like the need to pay off debts that keep people at work and saving money instead of vacationing. It could also be pressure from peers and media outlets to keep working to reach goals, instead of being sure to plan the time to relax and prevent burn out.

If you run a company, consider encouraging employees to take their paid time off, and it’ll help create a more positive work environment and lessen the stress of your employees as well. If you are an employee, considering making the most of the time off that you do have, by traveling and getting that life experience that you can’t inside a cubicle.

Modern timeshares are a great way to make sure that you do have a reason to use that vacation time. Having a set week a year of a place to go to relax is a great motivator to actually use your paid time off. A timeshare point system is also a great way to let you have flexibility with your vacation while making sure you still have an incentive to take that time off.

This study show a growing trend and market base for people to advertise too, as the people who want to take vacation, but feel like they can’t take one, might just need a little suggestion to take that paid time off. Overall, there’s a big chance for timeshares to convince people to buy into a lifetime of easy to use and plan vacations.

By Kristina Payne May 31, 2018 24 Comments