Words for the birds

It’s not just a city thing. Flocks of birds are as likely to invade urban and exurban vacation timeshare resorts. What to do about this depends on the bird species and the specific characteristics of your resort that make it attractive to avian guests.

Pigeons and sparrows are the most likely species to find your resort appealing, but blackbirds, grackles, starlings, seagulls, and even vultures may come to call and stay awhile. The bananaquit (also called sugar-bird), an appealing little pest in The Bahamas and the Caribbean, will swoop down on unsuspecting al fresco diners and steal food right off their plates.

One solution to bird problems is the use of aluminum spikes glued with silicone to the window sills and other surfaces on which the birds rest. The spikes irritate the birds’ feet.

An alternative is an optical gel. Some formulations contain citronella and peppermint oil, which we humans like but birds can’t stand. Stickiness also discourages birds from roosting.

Other available technologies include netting, low-voltage electrified tracks, and tensioned wire.

Given the wide variety of potential solutions available, choosing what is most effective for your resort’s specific situation can be truly bewildering — and success with whatever you choose is not guaranteed. You need expert guidance and assistance. To find an expert in your locality, search online under bird control and bird removal. As in any other resort purchasing process, interview several prospective vendors and get bids before you make a selection.

By Kristina Payne February 12, 2019 24 Comments